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Coding is good for you

12 February 2019

Lots of people are always looking to get fit through exercise and eating healthy. On the other hand, the brain is forgotten. Since it is the controller of our body, the mind has to be constantly fit and active to face the challenges of the day whether it is a supposed “bargain” by a car dealer or a 12 page contract you have to review or sign at work!

Lots of studies recommend coding as a measure to maintain and upgrade the way you think as well as keep your brain healthy. Let’s summarize the two main ways coding has a great effect on your mind.

1. Enhances logic thinking and problem solving.

Steve Jobs said "Everyone in this country should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you to think".

The most important thing is coding is to really understand what is it you are trying to achieve. This approach can be done by analyzing the problem at hand and then systematically coming up with a solution to that problem Coders apply this approach to everyday situation in life which can greatly enhances completing the task or the problem that they face. While tackling big problems, coders also treat it just as code. They being by breaking down the problem to small tasks and working on these small tasks one by one. Debugging, the process whereby coders look for bugs in the code and fix them, is also useful for coders because it reinforces concrete understanding of the problem and the clearness of the solution.

2. Maintains brain health. ( if you don’t use it. You’ll lose it!)

Another important fact about programming is that it maintains brain health and keeps it sharp. Let’s list the various aspects of this point:

  • Coding saves your brain!: According to a study by the association for psychological science, new skills that are mentally challenging (ie. coding) are needed to stimulate the brain. That is why you should be always on the lookout for stimulating activities and experiences.
  • Coding is a workout for your brain: Also, many studies have concluded that coding stimulates many parts of the brain such as attention, language, memory, logic. Can you tell me if there is any activity that requires these skills other than coding?
  • Coding makes you smarter: Another study have concluded that students with programming experience scored higher on cognitive ability tests than students who do not know how to code.

Now I have listed all the great benefits of coding. The question is when will you start to learn it?