Learn to code. CHANGE THE WORLD.

At Codevity we teach you how to code your own websites and applications within 12 weeks.


Our Course

We teach our students how to build websites and applications. Our courses are designed to be challenging and interactive where students will present their own projects.
Full-Stack Web and App Development

The Fullstack web and app development course will teach students how to build fully functional websites and mobile applications. The length of the course is twelve weeks and will take place in the evening. to learn more about the course and upcoming dates.


About Us

Our Company

Codevity is a Kuwaiti educational company that provides technology courses. We believe that technology education gives an edge to students to face the new opportunities and challenges of the new digital age. We strive to provide courses that gives new tools to students to fully realize their dreams and aspirations.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help people reach their full potential and enable our students to build their own web and mobile applications and launch their own startups. We will provide everlasting value to them with our commitment and guidance.


What you will learn

Our courses will teach you the latest languages and frameworks.
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Why do you need to learn to code

Knowing how to code is a superpower! At this day and age coders have the unique ability to build technological solutions to various problems that people face. Let us teach you how to code to unleash your creativity!

Why need to learn code ?